Dear Doctor Barke,

    Thank you so much for all you have done so Jezzabelly could live after she was attacked by 2 pitbulls on the beach. I thought you would have to put her to sleep. Saving her was a miracle. You had her in surgery within 15 minutes of the attack, even though you were closed that day. You had to repair multiple organs and body parts, and she had lost a lot of blood. Some tissues were badly damaged, and it took hours, but you were able to splice her all back together! You are an amazing surgeon! I work giving anesthesia at the hospital, and work with surgeons all day, but you are many specialists all wrapped up in one! It took several surgeries to totally close her up, but today the last 3 stitches came out, she's playing, and back to her sweet self. I really appreciate you taking pictures of the wounds and the work you did, so we have the documentation. Dealing with medical stuff isn't my husband's forte, you were very kind and supportive. I enjoyed getting to hang out with you a little, and like you as a person. I have a deep respect for you and your skills. Thank you for saving Jezzabelly!

    Laura Tovati, Nurse Anesthetist at Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach 1/26/2015
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    I am so surprised at how well Groucho is doing on the arthritis treament (Pentosan and Cold laser) you suggested last month. Before we started the therapy, he could not walk with out falling over, let alone jump into his favorite chair. Two treatments later he was no longer falling sideways (at 2 weeks), and three treatments (3 weeks) later he could jump up into his chair, he is gaining weight, is happy for the first time in a year.

    Patti Joyce - Rolling in Dough Bakery, Gold Beach, OR
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    Dear Barbara Barke             January 9, 2014

    We wanted to thank you for your service to this community and more specifically to us and our Emilee. I believe the first time we (Emi and I) came to your clinic was in December of 1999, hardly seems possible, time goes by very fast. Looking thru Emi's and Goodkitty's files and all the times we called upon you for help, you and your staff were always available to us, for that we were/are thankful. Just a note from us and our friends Goodkitty and EmiLee THANKS.

    Lynda and Stan Sutherland - Gold Beach, OR
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    We are not from Gold Beach and when we needed a vet, we called around and only Dr. that would even call back was Dr. Barke. Our experience was a good one our pet is doing really well and we would & have referred Dr. Barke to any one who wants their pets seen and cared for by a very good and caring Doctor.

    Mike Crawford - Brookings, OR
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    RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: I Take my dog Maggie to Gold Beach Veterinary Clinic. While they have taken great care of her I thought their concerns were only for the pets. I was only half right! While Maggie turns a deaf ear when she is off leash, I've never minded as when we are at the beach I like to let her run and in town she's always leashed. Unfortunately, Maggie got spooked and pulled out of her collar and in an instant was out in traffic. I finally was able to corral her and after bringing her back to the vets, Dr. Barke sat down with us and spent almost an hour doing training exercises and giving me tips to insure both Maggie's safety and to help keep my stress levels down, and after we were done, Dr. Barke didn't even charge me! Obviously she cares as much for the pet owners as she does for the pets. Curry County has a great asset in Gold Beach Veterinary Clinic!

    Randy Patterson, Quail Mountain Rd., Gold Beach, OR
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